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February 2, 2009

Welcome Rosie!

Our newly adopted 8 yr old Boston Terrier, Rosie

On January 17th, Eric and I adopted a wee, little Boston Terrier named Rosie. She is an eight year old retired breeder dog. We rescued her through K9 Lifeline Rescue. We drove about two hours to Burlington, WI to meet her and her foster mom, JoAnne. As soon as we met her, we knew we were in love.

Uncomfortable in the cold, Rosie shivers and shakes when we take her outside. To help ease the suffering, I knitted her a sweater. You can see it in the top photo, with the buttons down the side. Check out
Labpugglechi’s Free Patterns if you are interested in knitting something similar. We have also added some red booties to her wardrobe to help protect her paws. When she is all decked out, she’s quite a site to see.

People will stop us on the street, pointing and smiling. “Nice shoes,” they say. Yes, she is quite a looker, and I think she quite enjoys the attention. She definitely enjoys the walks. We will take her outside to “do her business,” and she lunges toward the driveway, eager for a jaunt through the neighborhood. It’s all about the crazy fun smells, and the possibility of meeting other dogs. Just wait ’til Spring. In the meantime, we all put up with the cold and slippery ice – all in the name of adventure and fun.