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October 2, 2014

Two Babies.

Different people. These boys of mine are different from one another in a myriad of ways. Fascinating. From the same womb, the same gene pool, same breastfood…so different.

August enjoys his food in big chunks. He mashes sweet potatoes with his gums, and uses his new teeth to strip avocado from the peel.

Liam spits it all out, unless its mashed. He prefers his food mushy, like his great-grandmother Baba. My father’s mother preferred her mashed potatoes like fluffy, light clouds.

Liam babbles away: mama,wa ba ba, da ma, ba goo…

August shouts: gaaaagggghh

Liam enjoys sitting by himself. He is content to babble, chew on a toy, stare into space

August needs to see you, be seen and generally be connected to the people he loves and trusts.

The challenge for me is to love both, enjoy and be mindful of both ways of being. There are some aspects of their personalities I am more comfortable with and others that are confounding, frustrating,