Radish, Watercress, Sunflower Seeds - Oh My

Radish, Watercress, Sunflower Seeds - Oh My

Have I mentioned that salads are the furthest thing from my mind when preparing a meal? The abundance of greens in our fridge means, however, I am not allowed this luxury – I MUST EAT SALAD. I really can’t think up enough non-salad recipes to use them all. That being said, once I make a salad – I usually enjoy it. This week we have had an interesting time combining the ingredients we have to make fulfilling and delicious salads.

Common Salad Ingredients:
Salad Mix / Spinach
Toasted Nuts (pecan or almond)
Seeds (sunflower, flax, pumpkin)
Dandelion Greens

As for dressings…
Each time it’s different. I start with 2 parts oil to 1 part vinegar: balsamic is good (but strong), apple cider and white wine vinegars are my usual suspects, but for an asian flavor I use rice vinegar. Oil is most often olive, but sunflower can be nice, canola in a pinch. Fresh garlic is fantastic (for you garlic lovers), but ground will do. I like mustard and honey, especially honey because it minimizes the kick of vinegar. Add salt and pepper to taste (usually more pepper). If going asian, I’ll add any of the following: soy sauce, fish sauce, ketchup and sesame seeds. So many variations! Like I said, each time is different.

First Salad of the Season

First Salad of the Season

A Note on Radishes
I expected this root vegetable to be bitter and perhaps spicy, but instead this bunch reminded me of jicama. They were slightly sweet, crisp and watery. They had an earthy flavor to them, and when sauteed they went limp and became even sweeter.


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